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Dr. John DiIulio and Dr. Ira Harkavy | Keynote address
Mon. 3/28 @ 6pm in Huntsman Hall F55. Dinner will follow.
Limited to 50 Attendants.

Discussing: The Economics of America’s College-Going Culture. Houston Hall, 225 (Brachfeld Room)
Tues. 3/29 @ 11:30am|Dr. Laura Perna
Limited to 15 Attendants.

Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. Houston Hall, 225 (Brachfeld Room)
Dean Dennis DeTurck | Wed. 3/30 @ 12:00pm
Limited to 15 Attendants.

Discussing: Research Opportunities Abroad. Irvine G16
Thurs. 3/31 @ 11:30am |Dr. Janet Monge
Limited to 15 Attendants.