The Student Committee on Undergraduate Education was founded in 1965 by a group of eleven students in order to conduct research on educational reform. One year later SCUE published its first SCUE report. The report’s stated goals were to stimulate change and promote faculty-student-administration communication. It achieved both.

  • SCUE's Founding 1965

  • Time Magazine article 1968

  • SCUE Charge 1983

  • SCUE's plan for quad gains support - 1985

  • SCUE Perspectives 1985

  • SCUE Perspectives Week 1985

  • SCUE's Practical Scholar 1992

SCUE does not argue that its suggestions should be adopted because its members are “representative” of all student opinion, but rather because the proposals themselves make educational sense. Evidently, the faculty and administration have agreed, for many SCUE reports have been adopted in various forms including:

  • The coeducation of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Education Week
  • Research Fair
  • Course Majors Fair
  • The revised New Student Orientation
  • The revised College General Requirement
  • The SCUE lunchroom where students can take their professors to lunch at the University Club
  • The implementation of course and professor evaluations
  • Penn Course Review
  • Freshman Reading Project
  • Freshman Seminar Programs
  • Fall Break
  • Preceptorials
  • Pass/Fail grading
  • Individualized Majors
  • The creation of Undergraduate Advisory Boards in undergraduate departments
  • Several influential papers and publications

Fifty years later, SCUE continues working to improve undergraduate education.