Current Initiatives

Access to Academic Resources Project

Penn provides an incredible number of resources and opportunities for its students. However, for students from lower-income backgrounds, tapping into the possibilities of Penn can present unexpected challenges. The Academic Resources Project aims to bridge the resource gap between lower- and higher-income Penn students. We hope to do this by focusing on three distinct stages of the college process–the transition to college, the college experience itself, and the process of preparing for post-grad life. The Academic Resources Project collaborates is collaborating with another SCUE initiative to create and publicize a consolidated list of free or subsidized services at Penn. However, we also spend considerable time researching the deficiencies in the current model. 

If you join the Academic Resources Project, you will get the chance to play a role in this research and help shape the direction that our projects take. For example, will our focus on helping students transition from high school to college focus more on summer opportunities or academic year programs? Will programs to help low-income students focus more on working with Penn programs that provide grants to restructure how they provide those grants, or on increasing the number of on-campus tutoring opportunities? Academic Resources prides itself on having a collaborative environment, and we hope we can include your voice in our work! 

Holistic Education

Holistic education is a broad topic and one that SCUE has discussed extensively in the past year. A holistic education at Penn can encompass a lot more than just classes and clubs. Physical fitness, mental health and community engagement are a few areas of the Penn experience that can and should be, in SCUE’s opinion, a part of a well-rounded Penn education. 

This semester, The Holistic Education Committee will be learning about the student body’s views on holistic education and Penn culture as a whole through surveys, social media outreach and one-on-one discussions. Our committee hopes to work with other groups on campus devoted to increasing awareness of students’ physical and mental health needs to create concrete objectives and milestones for a healthier, more well-rounded Penn.

If you have questions regarding this project, don’t hesitate to contact the project chair, Yana Kaplun at

Perry World House Project

SCUE is very excited to be working in partnership with the Perry World House. The Perry World House is a key part of Penn’s Global focus (see Penn Compact), and will serve as an interdisciplinary hub for global partnerships. Both academic and extracurricular programming with be hosted in the Perry World House, which is still in its early stages of development. SCUE has been sought out by Dr. Burke-White, the Director of Perry World House, and his team to help shape how the space is used. One of the key objectives this SCUE committee is excited about working on this semester is organizing a symposium for faculty and students showcasing and workshoping interdisciplinary teaching methods to be hosted in the Perry World House. 

This is an exciting time to play a role in determining how this innovative new space will be utilized by students.

If you have more questions about any of these projects, please reach out to SCUE Steering via email