Recent Initiatives

Roadmap to Research

Building off the success of The Practical Scholar: A Roadmap to Penn, current SCUE members saw an opportunity to aid the process of getting involved in research with Roadmap to Research at Penn.

Penn has a variety of resources and research positions, but many students are unaware of even how to get started in research. In writing the Roadmap to Research we aimed to explain why research is valuable to all students and how to build a cohesive academic experience that incorporates research.

As part of the research and writing process, SCUE members met with people across the university ranging from CURF director Wallace Genser to students in the Environmental Studies Undergraduate Advisory Board. By speaking with representatives from many disciplines and Penn institutions, they were able to capture what makes a Penn research experience so unique and valuable.

2015 White Paper

Every five years SCUE publishes a comprehensive assessment of undergraduate education at Penn. Each White Paper includes an analysis of the current state of education as well as our recommendations for the future. This document is distributed to every member of the faculty and administration. In the past, many topics written about in SCUE White Papers have been instituted (see History).

Some of the topics we focused on in our upcoming White Paper include:

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