Over its thirty-five year history, SCUE has pioneered and helped shape several important initiatives, including:

  • Education Week
  • Research Fair
  • Course Majors Fair
  • The revised New Student Orientation
  • The revised College General Requirement
  • The SCUE lunchroom where students can take their professors to lunch at the University Club
  • The implementation of course and professor evaluations
  • Penn Course Review
  • The coeducation of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Freshman Reading Project
  • Freshman Seminar Programs
  • Fall Break
  • Preceptorials
  • Pass/Fail grading
  • Individualized Majors
  • The creation of Undergraduate Advisory Boards in undergraduate departments
  • Several influential papers and publications

Some of the Committee’s current works-in-progress include:

  • Integrating Problem-Solving Learning (PSL) across the curriculum.
  • Increasing access to course syllabi.
  • Bringing qualitative feedback to Penn Course Review.
  • Developing a university-wide calendar, spanning all student groups and academic departments.
  • Introducing an integrated program in International Development Studies.
  • Improving the pre-major advising system.
  • The full integration of research into the intellectual experience of all undergraduates.
  • The ongoing development of interdisciplinary University minors.
  • The integration of technology into the academic experience.

In addition to these specific projects, the Committee works on many other broad academic issues, collaborating closely with the administration, faculty members, and other students to continue to improve the intellectual atmosphere and undergraduate experience at Penn. To that end, SCUE members are active on a variety of university committees and address critical academic issues as they arise across Penn.

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