SCUE Lunchroom

The SCUE Lunchroom Program, currently hosted by the University Club (on the Second Floor of the Inn At Penn), facilitates rich Undergraduate-faculty interaction every day during the school year by providing a central location on campus for students and faculty to have lunch. It provides a comfortable environment for the Penn undergraduate community to converse informally with faculty and administration members.

Q: How do I participate?

A: This program allows an undergraduate student to invite his/her current professor to lunch at the Club without cost to either. One time per term. All participants must have a valid Penn Card and must show that card upon arrival at the Club.

Due to the Club’s limited space and our need to accommodate our regular membership, the Club must limit the size of the groups as well as the number of groups to be accommodated on any given day.

A lunch group can be no larger than a total of four people (one professor with a maximum of three students).

Advance requests are required. Requests must be made in advance, a minimum of three business days, by email at and must include the name of the professor, the name(s) of all students, and the requested date and time. A request will be confirmed by the Club before it is considered definite.

For information about accommodating larger groups, please contact the dining halls directly.

Q: What is the cost?
A: Lunch is free of charge, generously provided through the sponsorship of the Office of the Provost.

Q: I’m in Wharton.  Isn’t there another program like this?
A: Yes.  The Vice Dean’s Lunch-and-Learn series offers meals at several campus restaurants.