New Member Application

The fall application cycle is now open! Click here to access the application.

Thank you for your interest in applying to SCUE! We stress that there is no specific kind of SCUE member, so be yourself and show off your creativity in your application.

Do not hesitate to email us at for any questions regarding the application.

Below is information regarding the Case Study portion of the application.

IMPORTANT: There is a mandatory Case Problem component of the application that will be uploaded with application form.  Please read the following information carefully.

Case Problem

Since its inception, SCUE has worked to reform the educational system at Penn. When we launch initiatives to improve academic life, we need to approach issues analytically, and be prepared to have our ideas tested and challenged by other SCUE members and even by administrators.

Accordingly, we ask you to analyze an academic issue at Penn. You may select from any of the following topics:

  • Using technology in the classroom (including online learning)
  • Creating interdisciplinary classes
  • Building intellectual community at Penn
  • Innovating beyond the traditional “lecture and evaluation” classroom model including flipped classroom or other innovative teaching pedagogy
  • Improving global engagement opportunities using various Penn resources

You may choose another topic that interests you; however, you must be granted approval from the Steering Committee at least 1 day before application is due. Please email

As you begin your investigation, be sure to:

  1. Address the actual characteristics and magnitude of the “problem” at Penn.  You should include anecdotal and empirical evidence where possible.
  2. Discuss your ideal model, or suggest minor improvements upon the existing system if you think that would be more appropriate. THINK BIG!  Obviously we are looking for a realistic answer, but don’t be afraid to get ambitious with your answer!
  3. Propose a plan of action to move the University closer to your ideal model.  In other words, if selected as a member of SCUE, how would you make your recommended changes a reality?  Be sure to address obstacles which you might face.
  4. If you wish, you may discuss additional matters relating to the problem.

Note: The average case study is about 750 words in length, but that is by no means a required word count. What is most important to us is that you clearly convey your idea in whatever format is most suitable to you. Don’t feel limited to a traditional essay format. We are available to answer any questions or bounce ideas off of.