The oldest existing branch of student government at the University of Pennsylvania, the Student Committee on Undergraduate Education was founded in 1965, a time when Penn undergraduates had little control over their own education. Since its inception, SCUE has remained an autonomous and apolitical organization whose suggestions and proposals have initiated and shaped some of the most significant projects in Penn’s history.

SCUE takes as its purview any issue which affects undergraduate education or the intellectual atmosphere at Penn. We work to enhance and expand curricular opportunities, advising, and the overall quality of the undergraduate academic experience. We serve our duty in various roles: both as advocates for the student voice and as advisors to the faculty and administration. Our efforts are predicated on the tenet that undergraduates must have a say in the academic programs of which they are most integrally a part.

SCUE’s membership consists of approximately 35 to 40 undergraduates from all four schools who are selected by a six-member Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is elected by a full Committee vote each January.

We accept applications for membership from freshmen and sophomores both in the fall and in the spring semesters. The Committee always seeks bright, articulate, motivated undergraduates who wish to have a greater say in the educational decisions which define their experiences at Penn.