Current SCUE Projects

Holistic Education

Holistic Education has spent the year focusing on ways that Penn education could be improved to produce more well-rounded, civically engaged, and culturally aware students. The committee has compiled recommendations into a document, intended to explain the status quo of holistic education at Penn and propose ways to make the Penn intellectual experience even more holistic.

Half-Credit Courses

SCUE believes that a greater focus on half-credit courses could benefit both students and faculty and offer avenues for academic exploration, student well-being, and professor engagement. This past year, the committee produced a paper addressing the current successes and gaps with respect to half-credit courses at Penn and outlines the importance of enhancing the quantity and quality of current and future offerings.

Steal This Penn

This committee is working with New Student Orientation to provide a centralized repository of information to increase the awareness of Penn's vast array of resources, offices, and centers. 


We want to further explore the status quo of the advising system and improve its efficiency and efficacy. We plan on meeting with administrators in advising across all schools to determine best practices for delivering optimal advising, especially to incoming freshmen who may be undecided.

Individualized Minors

This committee seeks to increase the ability that students have to customize their education to their own unique interests through individualized minors that are currently not offered through the institutionalized minors or concentrations. Through understanding the status quo surrounding individualized minors, our ultimate goal is to increase awareness and simplify the process of creating one.