SCUE Publications

Holistic Education: An Analysis of the Status Quo and Recommendations for the Future

This paper seeks to show the steps that the Penn Community can take to better embody the ideals of a holistic education. (2017)

An Overview of Half-Credit Courses

This paper identifies the current successes and gaps with respect to half-credit courses at Penn and outlines the importance of enhancing the quantity and quality of current and future offerings. (2017)

Half-Credit Courses offered in Spring 2018

This guide walks through how to sign up for half-credit courses and the half-credit courses that will be offered in Spring 2018.


This executive summary emphasizes the importance of ensuring equal access to all courses at Penn. (2017)

2015 White Paper

This White Paper is a comprehensive review of the undergraduate education at Penn. In celebration of 50 years of advocating for undergraduates, we focused this publication on what it means to be a student at Penn in 2015, and our vision for the next five years. (2015)

Roadmap to Research

This document provides Penn students with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to find and attain research opportunities and enhance their research careers at Penn. (2014)